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The Smiling Frog

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3 July 1977
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Hmmm I have too many interests and hobbies to list. I like gardening, do that for a buisness. Don't knock it I make good money pulling weeds! I make and sell clothes- www.smilingfrogs.etsy.com. I like to do all things crafty. Trying to get into jewelry making with real silver not just stringing beads. I like music, mostly alternative, I like classical sometimes though. Love animals, have 4 cats, 1 dog right now. I'll take home any animal I find. I guess the best way to describe me is half redneck, half hippie. I love nature, animals and 70's clothes, but I drive a pickup truck and like to get dirty (as in real dirt, not kinky!).

Other Places to find me-

Etsy- http://smilingfrogs.etsy.com

Etsy- http://smilingfrogpets.etsy.com

Livejournal- http://smiling-frog.livejournal.com/

Blog- http://smilingfrogpets.com

Flickr- http://www.flickr.com/people/smilingfrogs/

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